FreeBSD on Toshiba NB 100

Anyone tried FreeBSD 7 or 8 on this little fella? Telenor in Sweden have a great price offer on this one along with mobile broadband so it would be nice to know if it´s supported before trying.
Okay that´s why it´s so cheap then :) I wonder if Acer Aspire one is the best notebook for freebsd or perhaps HP 2133?
Maybe being so cheap isn't that bad in the end.
I use FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE on a regular basis on this netbook and everything works fine out of the box. I only had to switch the AHCI controller to legacy compatible mode during install and boot with ACPI disabled. After installation, just loaded ahci.ko at boot (and of course changed disk partition names in fstab) and everything worked like a charm (even ACPI).