FreeBSD Install Guide For The Complete NOOB ! Install freebsd and the desktop of your choice easily !

At 3:02 he gets to the "system security hardening options" screen and only chooses to disable sendmail.

That's when I stopped watching. I choose:

Disable process dubugging facilities for unprivledged users
Ramndomize the PID for newly created processes
Disallow Dtrace destructive-mode

And deal with sendmail through /etc/rc.conf:


(Which does not turn it off.)

A pf rule deals with preventing WAN access.
Less is not always better, christhegeek.

If anything on that list is important I would say it's:

Disable process dubugging facilities for unprivledged users

This is what I base that on:

If that's your video I'd Edit that into it if I were you. I didn't watch the whole thing though.

To be honest I just wanted to make sure somebody hadn't stolen mine, which was not the case. :rolleyes:
I stopped watching at the 13 second mark when the terrible music started. Sorry, i can't watch videos with that kind of music.
Just turn the music off and end of discussion......I did that :)
Next time I would recommend some new age or classic like The Four Seasons (Vivaldi)

Seriously. Its a great video christhegeek