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FreeBSD Forums signup mail rejected due to misconfigured SPF policies


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When signing up I was unable to receive the mail from the FreeBSD Forums.

After investigating my mail server logs I have found that the email is sent using a mail server not provided in SPF records.

Please see bellow. I have replaced my email address bellow with a placeholder.

myname@domain.com rejected a message that claimed an envelope sender address of forum-admins 3cf7afe4 myname=domain.com@freebsd.org.
myname@domain.com received a message from smtp-1.moerdijk.net ( that claimed an envelope sender address of forum-admins 3cf7afe myname=domain.com@freebsd.org.
The domain _spf.freebsd.org has declared using SPF that it does not send mail through smtp-1.moerdijk.net ( However, the domain is still testing its SPF policy, so the message should not have been rejected.


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A known problem, we're looking into routing email through the FreeBSD SMTP farm. And, indeed, with ~all the email should not have been rejected by your mail server.