FreeBSD Current w/ Xorg & Nvidia

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I was trying to install the latest Current on a machine w/ a Nvidia K600 (it does have onboard Intel graphics as well). Unfortunately I am unable to startx as it either complains about "No screens found" or another error message related to framebuffer mode.

As layed out in the installation manual, first I did not run nvidia-configuration or xorg -config. That leaves me with no xorg.conf. So I ran nvidia-configuration and I get an xorg.conf.

Any ideas?



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Unfortunately, the FreeBSD Handbook is often, especially when discussing 3rd party programs, out of date or missing necessary information. For NVidia, untested by me on CURRENT (which, as pensador_13 points out, is unsupported on these forums, but necessary for decent performance on laptops less than 2-3 years old, I've had the best success with the NVidia tutorial on these forums at

If not running a laptop however, I would stick to RELEASE. If it's a laptop with both Intel and NVidia, you can look around the forums, but I _think_ (I don't have such a machine so never paid close attention) that you may have to stick with the Intel card, in which case, I have a little walkthrough at