FreeBSD Becomes SJWBSD

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Richard Emmerson


I never thought I would see the day that FreeBSD would fall to the Social Justice Warriors.

The appeal of FreeBSD was that the project was a group of adults working together with the common goal creating software of the highest engineering quality.

As the SJWs attacked movies, games, music, and even other open source projects with identity politics and fake victimhood, I always assumed that FreeBSD would be a safe space from the SJW attacks.

I really feel foolish now with my donations to the FreeBSD Foundation over the years. And will never make that mistake again.

People are laughing at FreeBSD all over the Net with this disgusting pandering to a single toxic and abusive individual.

Congrats to the core team. Instead of dealing with the problem quickly and forcefully by banning the abusive individual and getting right back to coding you have handed her, and now a flood others like her, exactly the weapon she needs to attack other FreeBSD developers.


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Thanks for your opinion. This is a user/admin community, not the house of the core team. They live at or can be contacted through Closed.

And thank you for your inbox message, but I will not go fuck myself.


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A clarification: Core is a team of individuals elected every couple of years by FreeBSD developers. Core is not part of the FreeBSD Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting FreeBSD.
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