FreeBSD 11 w/Apple Thunderbolt Ethernet Adapter

I was running pfSense (FreeBSD 10.3 I believe) with a Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter just fine. When I moved my pf firewall to FreeBSD 11 (on a different mac mini) the system has no idea that Thunderbolt is there?

I searched for some clues, but didn't come up with much. Does pfSense possibly have a custom kernel that includes support?

If you have any knowledge on this one, let me know. Thank you.
I tried this last night on my mac mini running FreeBSD 11.0 with the official apple thunderbolt adapter and had no problems, didn't have to do anything to configure it.
Thank you. Odd. I once had ESXi on this mac mini and the adapter worked fine. Will have to dig deeper.