FreeBSD 11 installation error

I am trying to install FreeBSD 11 from USB using memstick.img file but during installation process I'm getting error about it can't find usb device and mountroot > is appearing. What should I do ?
Ok. Here is what I did after having a damn stroke working on this.
  1. USB Stick #1 – Make image for memstick and apply it
  2. USB Stick #2 – Make image from ISO disk and apply it
  3. Insert both USB 1 and 2 into computer. It will boot from #1, but will recognize #2 as a device.
  4. Boot to multiuser mode, no special set statements needed
  5. At damn mountroot> prompt type ? and find the device associated with the ISO
  6. enter cd9660:/dev/{device}
  7. Raise your hands to heaven and promise to never drink again.
Hopefully, this will help others avoid becoming the ax murderer I almost became whilst screaming at MOUNTROOT>.

Best of luck.
Some systems have a slow USB. Too slow to initialize and the boot simply times-out. Just wait a minute or so and hit enter.