FreeBSD 11.2+ on CubieBoard3 (CubieTruck) and Lamboo R1 (BananaPi R1)



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Dear Colleagues!

Please tell me the actual state of FreeBSD compatibility with these platforms.
I hope that someone works with them and can share relevant information.

1. Lamboo R1 (aka BananaPi R1)
Once I tried to work with this board, but there were a lot of problems:
  • Problems with a single ethernet interface
  • The complete absence of a driver for a homemade four-port interface
  • SATA unstable operation
  • Unavailability of a number of Wi-Fi modes.
In general, a complete nightmare, although the board itself is very attractive in terms of characteristics.

If someone is working with this equipment now, please tell about the current state of its support by the system!

2. CubieBoard3 (aka CubieTruck)
I remember that the system was supported by CubieBoard2, but there is no information about CubieBoard3 on the Wiki. (Or was I looking bad?)

Please, tell me whether it is possible to work with the hard disk and on the network on it without any problems and failures.

Thank you in advance for the answer on the essence of the questions asked.
If you need to clarify the wording of the questions - tell me about it, my English is not very good.