(FreeBSD 11.1-STABLE) Running "freebsd-update fetch" for the first time: cannot find public key


I installed FreeBSD using a USB image from one of the stable snapshots that's available in a local mirror.

Using a browser, I went to the URL listed in the message and I get a 404. I changed "STABLE" to "RELEASE" and I can see the public KEY for the RELEASE.

I know internet is working since I was able to install pkg and git. I can also ping 2 of the update servers that's listed above.

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Thanks
From the freebsd-update(8) manpage:

The freebsd-update tool is used to fetch, install, and rollback binary
updates to the FreeBSD base system. Note that updates are only available
if they are being built for the FreeBSD release and architecture being
used; in particular, the FreeBSD Security Team only builds updates for
releases shipped in binary form by the FreeBSD Release Engineering Team,
e.g., FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE and FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE, but not FreeBSD
10.3-STABLE or FreeBSD 12-CURRENT.

-STABLE versions are not supported for binary upgrade/update, you will need to upgrade/update by compiling the source.