FreeBSD 11.1-RC3 on a Toshiba Satellite Z30-B-10W

Just a quick test; I booted FreeBSD 11.1-RC3 (amd64) off a usb memory stick on this machine. After the kernel loads, console output is corrupted (graphics corruption), Ctrl-Alt-Del works, so presumably the keyboard works. To work around the console problem, escape to the boot loader prompt and do
gop set 2
gop set 0
(I did a more thorough investigation back when I tried FreeBSD 11.0-release on this machine, from that I know that the modes shown by gop list is
mode 0: 1920x1080x32
mode 1: 640x480x32
mode 2: 800x600x32
mode 3: 1024x768x32
mode 4: 1280x1024x32
and gop get says that the machine is in mode 0 initially (after power on), mode 1 doesn't work - it turns off the display (but you can still type "blind"), but mode 2,3 and 4 works. I still doen't know why setting mode 2 then mode 0 works.)

To get the wireless to work, do
kldload iwm3160fw
kldload if_iwm
then iwm0 will show up in the output of sysctl net.wlan.devices.
That's all for now.
If you look at my post, you will see that I have already loaded firmware. :^)
(yes, everything is fine)
Update: FreeBSD 11.1-release (actually -stable, as I updated from source) works in much the same way. For some reason gop set 2 in the boot loader console turns of the screen, so now you type gop set 0 blind. For Xorg, I still have to use the scfb driver, as the intel driver (or is it kms?) doesn't support Broadwell graphics yet.