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FreeBSD 11.1 on ThinkPad T460


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Hello everyone,
Is Intel HD Graphics 520 supported yet? I can't seem to configure it properly. Currently running with VESA.
Thanks in advance.


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If I'm not wrong it's Skylake, and FreeBSD stable's support stops at Haswell's Graphics.

However, you can whether install 12 CURRENT or TrueOS


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Have you installed sudo pkg install xf86-video-intel driver package?
Or just build it from ports x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel?

After that please execute sudo X -configure and copy /root/xorg.conf.new into /etc/X11/xorg.conf

This should work fine then.




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If that question is to me, yeah, I tried with the Intel driver and still no luck. I don't remember if I bothered with X -configure, which should no longer be necessary, but at this point, it will have to wait for another time, if ever, especially since CURRENT gives me what I need.