Solved FreeBSD 10.3 X server not working (ATI Radeon R4)


I am using FreeBSD-10.3 in my DELL Inspiron (with an integrated Radeon R4 Graphics card).

I installed xorg using the ports, but now I am unable to start the X-Window system by using the startx command.

I am attaching the log file with this thread.

Any suggestions?


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Please don't post compressed files. Put the log file somewhere accessible on the web and post a link.

Exactly which card do you have?
Sorry about that.

I posted the zip file, because when I checked the forums for solution to this problem I came across several threads with the zip files.

For Graphics card: It is stated "Radeon R4 Graphics" in the user manual.
That driver family is not supported according to that wiki. I also noticed that while the family of supported cards are shown, but a few specific cards in those families are left out.
AMD Radeon HD Rx 200 Volcanic Islands Not supported
For the hardware I use, the Radeon R family is on my cpu and motherboard graphics hardware. I use an R7, which different combinations of motherboard and cpu show up as R6 or R9. I used an older supported Radeon card with the HDMI cable attached only to that, while the output shows up as the motherboard's R6. My bios had to be set a certain way to disable integrated graphics, for mine to work. Until a new driver is made, this is likely all you can do so far is use a supported video card, Thread Switch between ATI and VESA drivers?.54846

On mine, it displays it as using R6, but it won't work unless the connector is attached to my supported card. I don't know which capabilities, apart from video out, are being used from each of my two Radeon hardwares. I don't know if it benefits to have a supported and unsupported card working together.