FreeBSD 10.3 - Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160


I just want to ask how is it with support of Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 card under the FreeBSD 10.3 ?

Is it supported or not ? I found that mentioned card is on the list of supported Hardware There should be used iwm(4) driver.

Unfortunately if I install the FreeBSD 10.3 there is no wireless card detected in ifconfig(8), but
pciconf -lv show the card, but as a device none2.

Is there any chance to compile or in some other way get the driver working ?

Thank you for the answers.

OK. So it means that there already exist a possibility to have the wifi card working.

Is it possible to implement the 11-CURRENT driver to 10.3 Stable ? I means to transfer it from 11-CURRENT to 13.0 Stable. I guess that in 11-CURRENT the iwm is a kernel plug-in....

Thank you
Thank you. And is it possible to transfer the kernel module from 11.0-CURRENT to 10.3-STABLE? Will it work?

Is the kernel module for 11.0-CURRENT compatible with kernel which is used for 10.3-STABLE?
No, you can't load kernel modules from a different major version, the so called KPI/KBI which is the kernel programming/binary interface is not guaranteed to stay compatible between major versions. You'll have to wait till the driver gets MFC'd (merged from current) to stable/10.
OK. And is it possible to compile the source code for iwm to have kernel module compatible with 10.3 ? I'm not sure if there is any...
The source code is available (of course - it is part of FreeBSD). The last time I tried compiling iwm on FreeBSD 10.x it failed to compile. If you search this forum the forums, you can probably find the thread.
You can always try to just copy the iwm directory to your source tree but there's no guarantee it will work, like I said kernel programming API might have changed drastically for FreeBSD 11 from 10.
Thank you for the reply.

I'm thinking to install Debian ( where the card is recognized by iwlwifi binary firmare ) and run the FreeBSD in virtualized environment to get it working...
Ooops, I ordered Intel 7265 and just 5 seconds ago found that driver is not stable :) As there are alpha builds of 11-CURRENT already, can we expect that this driver will be included in the final release?