FreeBSD 10->11: How can I change the WiFi interface mac address?

Hi everyone,

I upgraded to FreeBSD 11 yesterday. Seems like you can't manage interface settings with ifconfig anymore.

For instance, I used to do this:

ifconfig ath0 ether ff:ff:ff:...
ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev ath0

Now, I can't do anything to ath0. If I set the mac address on wlan0, it doesn't work.

This seems to have changed here:

How can I change the mac address for ath0 now?

I had the same problem after updating to FreeBSD 11 with what used to work for setting up a lagg interface to auto-switch between wired (msk) and wireless (ath) on my laptop.

I solved it in my case by setting the mac address of the wired interface to that of the wireless one, rather than the other way around.
Works as expected for me (though with bwn(4)).
ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev bwn0
ifconfig wlan0 ether ff:ff:ff:...
Hrm, you're setting this on the wlan interface instead of the parent (bwn0) as eldaemon was, so I wonder if that's why it worked for you and not him (though he said setting it on wlan0 had no effect).

Either way I'm curious to know as I have more than a few machines in this situation.