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Minor niggle here:

FreeBSD Forums
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containing only two subforums is a bit confusing, as "FreeBSD Forums" should imho reference the whole enchilada... Else resultant hierarchy for subforum looks like FreeBSD Forums > FreeBSD Forums. See breadcrumbs here if above is not clear:

Thanks bunches to forum admins and moderators.
Also, will be here localized branches of the Forum??
Like "russian" for people who don't understand english well enough to participate in mainsteam? I think localized branches would popularize the Forum in local communities, especially if the Forum face would be also translated.
We will think about it. The problem is that we need some moderators who can actually understand a given language with enough free time to keep the forum in "shape".
Well, I suppose there would be some volunteers in each language commnuties.
FreeBSD is popular in Russia and here are lots of fans who don't know English that well.
They all had their way in numerous unofficial forums, what split them away, and somehow left alone with their questions from mainstream.
I also may volunteer in russian branch forum moderating for some time, though I think there soon would appear more dedicated and adapted than me.