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Freebsd 11.2, Xorg, Fluxbox, Firefox.

When I go to the forum using my desktop computer, the top and bottom banners stretch across the entire screen but all content in the middle of the screen, such as posts and my profile, is compressed into a narrow column on the right side of the screen.

I'm using the noscript plugin, but when I "allow all on this page" there is no change.

The freebsd forum is the only site I use that has this problem. I also use some other forums without any problem. I'm posting this from my phone because of the problem on the desktop.

Any ideas about how to fix this?


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Hokie, I too use Firefox with noscript plus requestpolicy and it is indicating that two more domains are being used:


I would recommend that you review your noscript setting to make sure that and are being allowed.



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I'm using www/firefox-esr on some machines and www/firefox on others but use NoScript and uBlock Origin together on them all. I only allow scripting for and everything works fine for me as far as basic functionality and text display with both versions of Firefox.


Some of the icons don't display as they should with this config and I may need to adjust accordingly to get functionality.


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To show paranoid forum header (dickbar), that follows your everywhere, always on top of every page,
and to hide number of entered symbols in the bottom right corner of reply form,
that's overlapping entered text, I'm using
@-moz-document domain('') {
/* fixed position for dickbar */
	.p-navSticky { position: absolute !important; width: 100% !important; }
/* hide dickbar shadows */ { box-shadow: unset !important; }
/* little margin on top is required after dickbar elimination */
	.p-body { margin-top: 50px; }
/* hide symbol counter in reply form */
	.fr-counter { display: none; }
in ~/.mozilla/firefox/<your_profile_dir>/chrome/userContent.css (create if it doesn't exist).
(Or ~/.moonchild\ productions/pale\ moon/<your_profile_dir>/chrome/userContent.css if you're using palemoon.)

To remove forum dickbar from chromium, install user css extension, then with opened forums.freebsd
press extension icon, toggle it to "on" and add css code from above.
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Any ideas about how to fix this?
Reset Firefox with add-ons disabled and after that step reinstall your favorite add-ons. I'm also using noscript, uBlock Origin, uMatrix and many others and I don't have any problem.

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Update: If I go to the bottom of the screen where the style chooser is located and select the BlueFreeBSD style, I get a normal display. All other styles result in the original problem.