Firefox no longer supports RSS and Atom feeds

I just found out that Firefox dropped support for RSS and Atoms feeds. At first, I wondered, if it was just Firefox on my computer or settings, that no longer handled feeds. All this time that Firefox was crashing constantly, I didn't notice it, until after I fixed that problem.
Yes. Live Bookmarks was one of my favourite Firefox features, but apparently few people used it. We were a very small minority.

If you are Thunderbird user: as you will have seen, the new release automatically created an export file of feeds in your home dir. This can be directly imported into Thunderbird, under the account Blog and News Feeds. This is a very workable alternative.
I'm installing www/newsboat as a console reader.

I was thinking of which atom/rss reader to use since yesterday. I used to use Thunderbird for atom/rss, but I rather it be in my browser or have a dedicated reader. www/syndigator uses gtk2, but it wants gnome-vfs and so far only mentions it reads rss feeds. I'll keep looking at other atom/rss readers.