ZFS Finding /user/home in pool

Hi, I'm new to ZFS and loving it!

I have a pool (pool0) which was created when I moved from Linux. It has my home directory on it from my first adventure with BSD. Playing with TrueOS I ended up with a new install on two mirrored SSDs (tank). Meanwhile I still have my old /usr/home sitting on pool0 RAIDZ1 on spinning drives.

When I look at pool0 I can see that 200+G are used on /usr/home but I cannot figure out how to access them. Ideally pool0 would be used as the user home dir with all the space and data.

I've tried mounting pool0/usr/home but cannot see my own dir under it or anything except that it reports 200G used. There are three backups.

How do I access my original home directory under pool0/usr/home?
It looked like there was some crazy criss cross of directories between the two pools but I now have found my home directory with all my files by mounting it under /mnt/. Yay!

Now I still need to know how to best reach them. I read someplace about there being some kind of unworkable mounts so I'm concerned about messing it all up. It would seem that I could mount or create a symlink for home that points to /mnt/usr/home.

I would appreciate some pointers here.
And I'm finding that I can only add pool0 by not booting with those drives connected as it has a partial O/S on it. I'll try to set nomount on those that relates to everything else than /usr/home. In order to mount home from pool0 I have to unmount tank/usr/home which I of course cannot do when logged in. I also cannot use Ctrl-F1 to get a virtual console as it is just some wild graphics. I'll try to create a new user that does not use /usr/home but something like /usr/home2, or maybe not on /usr at all.
In the end I've removed the mount points on all but pool0/usr/home/steve in pool0 and then made a symbolic link to tank/usr/home/steve2. I've rebooted to ensure it's stable. Next would be to do a swap rename of steve in tank with steve2 in pool0. It's easy to shoot oneself in the foot with these exercises. :) Finally I think I would like to remove all datasets on pool0 but for pool0/usr/home which might mean "grafting" /usr/home to someplace safe. I'd imagine that can be done in this amazing fs...