Solved Fetching/centralizing e-mail from different accounts?

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I have e-mail accounts with different providers, some of which impose quotas on the amount of e-mails to be store on their servers. Is there some application that would allow me to fetch the e-mail from the different accounts to my local FreeBSD based server to which I could then log in to read the e-mail?

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Do you mean fetch it to your local machine, more or less pop3 type fetching? I think fetchmail does it, but I use getmail. I have section on my mutt page about setting it up at

The article mentions building from source, but there is a package for it, so it can be installed with pkg install getmail (or from ports if you prefer.
Several ports in the "mail/" category do this. fetchmail, offlineimap, and isync are probably the most commonly used. fdm is probably simpler and more flexible than those three, but a little more difficult to configure. I'm sure there are others I don't know about.
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yes, that is exactly what I mean, thank you very much. Is there a generic name for the "fetchmail" so that I can do more reading about alternatives?

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thank you for the answer. I have a Thunderbird fetching from the plurality of accounts. But, what I need is to be able to access the fetched mail from a plurality of different clients at different locations, e.g., when I travel.

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The fetchmail program is called mail/fetchmail (and getmail is called mail/getmail.) They're both pretty well known. (I'm using the mail/<name> here so that the link to the port works, but if you were using pkg you could just use the program name, fetchmail or getmail.)