Solved Failed or ignored ports in poudriere

I'm working through a tutorial on poudriere. ( I started yesterday; it'll probably be four or five hours before the ports are finished compiling.

So far, about 5 of the ports did not compile. I can see them easily. I wonder what would happen if those warnings had been buried in the lengthy output.

I can see when I use CTRL-T that a summary report outputs. Is there a way to get a more detailed listing, later, telling me what ports did not get compiled?
Further down in your linked tutorial you find the section "Setting Up Nginx to Serve the Front End and Repository".
The front end is a web interface where you find a clickable summary.
Yep, enable the web interface. Not only is it great to see what it's doing (what's currently being build, which ports have failed, skipped, ignored or succeeded, etc), you can also easily find the build logs of failed builds. Without the web interface you'll have to rummage through /usr/local/poudriere/data/logs/bulk/ to find them.
Thanks. I think I will write a script to use that logs/bulk. I appreciate your thoughtful guidance.