Xfce engrampa achiever on Xfce4

I use Xfce4 and I have found no better tool for archives than achievers/engrampa
The problem I have is a silly nag. When this program runs it uses Caja file dialog boxes.
I would like to run this program without Caja and all the Mate stuff it drags with it.
My options look slim here and I have been just ignoring it, but xarchiever is inferior.
Anyone know how do you limit this program to use Xfce dialog boxes and not Mate/Caja.
I have tried to compile from ports to see if there was an option to use without Caja but it is baked in.
libcaja-extension.so pulls in Caja. So I guess I just need to live with it?
Have you tried to set the editors property?

gsettings set org.mate.engrampa.general editors "['Thunar']"

Above code forces to use Thunar (the default filemanager for the Xfce desktop).