Emulating extended page tables for vm

If the moderators think this is more on-topic than off, feel free to move to a more appropriate forum. :)

So I picked up a couple old servers that contain Xeon E5430 processors. While they do VT-x, they do not do VT-x with extended page tables. Some of the programs I want to run (install in Ubuntu server running as a guest OS via Virtualbox) extended page tables I understand.

So my question is: if there a way to have my host OS (FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE) emulate the extended page tables? I realize there would be CPU penalty but this is a lab environment. Did some searching on this forum and freshports and googling in general but didn't find anything.

Some guys mentioned maybe I should try vSphere Hypervisor as the vm layer with no host OS, but for the time being I'd like to keep moving forward without removing FreeBSD as host OS.

Thoughts? Is there a port I missed?

I might even see if I can swap the processors with a different flavour that provide the EPT but they would have to be cheap cause I got four of em. :p
Thanks SirDice. I'm not using bhyve at the moment, using emulators/virtualbox-ose instead. I'm guessing that doesn't matter. Off to the store I go, or maybe I will try blowing away the whole disk and starting from scratch with vSphere Hypervisor, but I expect the same issue.