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According to FreeBSD's Webcam and DVB Compatibility List I need to use something called em28xx to be able to use my PCTV USB DVB-S2 stick as well as something called tda10071 and firmware dvb-fe-tda10071.fw.

External USB DVB-S/S2 adapter

PCTV Systems

PCTV DVB-S2 Stick 460e (identifies as "PCTV Systems" "PCTV 460e")


webcamd(8) via em28xx(4)


FreeBSD 9.0

vlc (currently only DVB-S), w_scan

Requires webcamd >= and tda10071 firmware dvb-fe-tda10071.fw [3]; remote not supported yet
Has anyone managed to put all this together?



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I finally stumbled across em28xx() which lists the Vid/Pid of supported devices and this includes a number of PCTV devices but not my PCTV DVB-S2 USB stick (2013:0258) The FreeBSD driver seems to exclude various devices mentioned in the LinuxTV web page.

How is this driver updated, and what would happen if my Vid/Pid was included?

I notice that (2013:0251) is included there which I suspect is just a previous version of my device.

Just out of interest where do I find the source for em28xx and how does this driver relate to multimedia/webcamd?