Solved elf64_obj_image_read?!!

Hi All,

I am happy to say that I can now use my beast

with FreeBSD 11 - booting from EFI - SSD via USB 3.0.

wlan is working. It is Intel dual band 7265
nvidia driver working 965M

I am trying to load nvidia at boot time but it is not loading:

in loader.conf


but when it boots (so fast I cannot read the whole error), but i caught part of it as in the title, and then cannot read file.

But once it is booted I can load it by hand with no errors and Xorg run nicely (using it now).
and I can see the NVIDIA logo at the star up.

Still reading the handbook. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
that is the thing, I don't see it. It happens when the kernel starting to load modules. it fails with above error: elf64_obj_imageload - read error.
my guess it probably needs to load all Linux modules first. Just a guess. After booting, I can then do:

#kldload nvidia
#kldload nvidia-modeset

and all is nice.

the other problem i noticed when I exit desktop, the screen is blank. i can restart X but obviously can't see what I am typing and so I have to reboot.

Otherwise, everything else is working fine. This will be my permanent OS.
i think in the newest driver (>=3.74) the loading method has changed. Just a guess.

Now I do:
Remove driver loading from loader.conf and add modeset to rc.conf

sysrc kld_list+="nvidia-modeset"

and then after that everything nvidia driver loads just fine.