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ejabberd startup problem



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I have install port net-im/ejabberd and configured it accordingly. The messaging works great between users. I have added ejabberd_enable="YES" to my /etc/rc.conf. When the system is restarted I have to manually run
service ejabberd start
/usr/local/sbin/ejabberdctl start
in order to start ejabberd. What is the best way to configure ejabberd on boot?

FreeBSD 9
Ejabberd 2.1.11



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Have you checked the logs? Is it actually start on boot, maybe it's failing to start because of configuration...


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This is a really old thread, but the problem still exists in 11-RELEASE.
The net-im/ejabberd daemon scripts tries to start it as user ejabberd, which doesn't work for some reason. Running manually as root:
# ejabberdctl start
works. This is not a solution, of course...


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The root cause of the problem is wrong ownership of the files in /var/spool/ejabberd/. Those files must be owned by user ejabberd.
That happens when you start/stop ejabberd as root, e.g. in my case I've done it multiple times at the beginning - playing with the configuration and testing this or that.


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I've been struggling to get this ejabberd up and running. There's such a lack of info. Did you happen to follow a how to you can share? I'm days into this and not sure why. Not an expert here...


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ChrisBSD , I really don't remember those one-year-old details. There were some confusing things to me too. Also, they switched to .yml format, I never had problems with the old way.
Anyway, here attached is my ejabberd.yml. Actually I didn't change much from there example. I have it configured for 2 domains, so you'll see repeating lines in a couple of places.
(I had to add .txt to upload it here)