Ede Equinox Desktop Enviroment

Hi.What is your opinion for Ede Equinox Desktop Enviroment?
I don't know why but there is something that really i like on this DE.

Also i tried to install it from ports but i take this error .
efltk-2.0.8_1 is only for i386, while you are running amd64
Any ideas how can i install efltk on my 64bit system to install ede or any other way to install ede from ports?
Looks pretty hopeless. There was an effort(maybe 2 years ago) to move away from efltk which was supposed to help increase 64Bit compat for EDE. Seems like that was abandoned but maybe you can email the maintainer for help;

%make -C /usr/ports/x11-wm/ search name=ede | grep Maint | head -1
Maint:  sem@FreeBSD.org

I don't particularly care for that screenshot but to each his own. Good luck. :e
The last commit was 2 month ago. May be it is already dead.
Also not only amd64 is your problem if you're running 8-STABLE.
.if ${OSVERSION} >= 800501
BROKEN=         does not build