Dual Band WIFI card

Hi. I have a laptop running Linux Mint 17.3 and FreeBSD 10.2. It came with a Realtek rtl8192 which works well on both OS's, but lacks bluetooth and is single band and single stream. I am well aware that FreeBSD 10 is perfectly capable of handling abgn 2x2 hardware at full capacity and because of that I wanted to take full advantage of my dual band, dual antenna, 2x2 N router by swapping the wifi card in my laptop (very easy to do, and laptop doesn't use BIOS WIFI DRM so I can install any card I want), there is only one small limitation. The laptop uses an AMD APU processor and it just won't even POST, beep or show anything on screen if I install an Intel WIFI card, this leaves me without access to the best supported card that would match what I want to put in it which is the intel 6230 which is abgn 2x2 + BT fully supported in all BSD's and Linux and looking for alternatives. I found the on ebay a FOXCONN T77H348.02 which contains an Atheros ar9462 abgn 2x2 chip along with BT and also a Ralink rt3592bc8 which is a abgn 2x2 chip with BT and wanted to know. Are they compatible with FreeBSD? Which one? I would like to know before ordering one since shipping and handling fee from USA to Panamá (where I live) are quite outrageous.
I think that you may have problems with the combo modules which are both wifi and bluetooth... I generally recommend Atheros wireless devices on FreeBSD as they work well. On the pfSense forums many of the Atheros wifi issues are on modules with bluetooth. I avoid them. The Dell Latitudes I service have a separate bluetooth module and that is a good thing in my opinion.
I just thought i would throw that out there. Look around the forum for bluetooth posts. It is a mixed bag.
Well I have had good luck with Intel and Atheros combo modules in my past laptops. I do in fact have an Intel 6230 from an older laptop that kicked the bucket (a System76 Darter) after 9 years of reliably holding all my hard-core gaming sessions and multiple VM's. Now I'm on a Gateway AMD laptop which so far has worked good, except of course that the Intel card won't work on it due to it having an AMD CPU. I was asking because the rt3592 I saw on ebay cheaper than the foxconn atheros based one and wanted to know if I can go with the cheaper rt3592bc8 (ebay doesn't carry the non-bt model of that card, and only carry the full-size variants of the ar9280 and ar9380, which won't work because my laptop uses a half-size minipcie slot) which is only doable if it is supported on freebsd or if I need to spend a bit more for the foxconn atheros one (the normal non-bt ar9462 are more expensive than the foxconn one on ebay).
BTW: I'm trying only on ebay because the payment handling company I use have the better pricing and discount schemes only for stuff that you buy on ebay, so I'm for economic reasons stuck with looking on ebay.
I think if you look at the run driver it says the caveat is the lack of 802.11N on the RALink. All those units use the same firmware blob.
See very bottom. I think your RT3592 uses this driver.
That said it works but 802.11G only. Maybe I was not using the correct commands. The manual could be outdated.

Have you considered a usb stick for BlueTooth (that someone here says works-check forum)? Separate the objectives.
Wifi-wise the AR9380 is readily available on ebay. It is 3X MiMo and works very well. A Dell-Alienware Bigfoot module.

Intel 3X MiMo cards are good and cheap cards too. Since you are limited to a half-sized MiniPCIe slot the Atheros AR5BHB112 is the only AR9380 offering but quite expensive. The main reason I like Atheros and RALink is they support HostAP mode. Some of the Intel cards do as well.
That's the thing. The ar5bhb112 is more expensive than the other 2 I listed. So even if I actually wanted to ditch the combo cards, I would have to deal with the larger expense. And Intel cards are no-go due to my AMD CPU (tested with my N-6230). I also found that the run driver works for the rt5392 (not the rt3592).
Thanks anyway.