DST-Address list Policy based routing

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I am in condition to build some network projects, what i have to achieve is separate/redirect traffic via routing decision based on destination address list as in picture.

so here is the scenario.

Every packet which are come from my local network with dst-address MATCH to the table list of Local exchange will be routed to the LX Gateway and the other packets which aren't match goes to IX Gateway

I am used to doing this with mikrotik or linux, currently i am gonna implement it on FreeBSD box using ipfw or pf

Any suggestion are welcome...

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This is just plain and simple routing.

route add -net a.a.a.a/a ip.of.lx.gw
route add -net b.b.b.b/b ip.of.ix.gw

I don't see why you would need to use a firewall for that.