Solved Dovecot2 - "panic: ufs_makeinode: Bad link count 1 on parent"

Hi there,

I'm running FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE-p7 (i386). After the binary update from p6 to p7 and reboot I encountered a panic when Dovecot (2.2.19 compiled from ports) starts:


I loaded into Single User Mode and ran
fsck -yf
, it finished without errors. But after reboot into normal mode the issue persists. So I had to disable Dovecot and now system successfully boots. All other services (Nginx, MySQL, PHP, NSD, Transmission, Postfix) are working OK. Since I use dovecot as SASL auth service for Postfix, mail delivery is not working.

I tried to recompile dovecot. The issue persists.
Then I tried to rollback the system with
freebsd-update rollback
and recompiled dovecot. No luck.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.