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Do you $support$ the FreeBSD Foundation?

Do you support the FreeBSD Foundation?

  • No

    Votes: 36 46.8%
  • Yes

    Votes: 41 53.2%

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Hello everybody! I did support the FreeBSD Foundation. In fact i I donate to every project a small amount, that's useful to me, e.g. MATE.
Or Linux Mint, when i I used it... :)


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Would like to see paysafecard as a way to donate. I am maybe a little bit over-cautious but I don't like creditcard or Paypal payments. Don't know anything about bitcoin and don't trust any of those online-payment companies. Yeah, that makes it hard to donate in general.


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I just donated US $50.I have been an Open Source proponent for nearly 20 years and although FOSS doesn't typically cost the user anything, I realize these projects need capital. Keep up the great work!


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If you guys want to add a poll to a specific thread, just go and ask one of our mods. If it looks sane to add one, we have no problem to add it.

As of the question -- I haven't donated to FreeBSD Foundation yet, however I personally contribute to the FreeBSD project ;) If I ever get to a possition to afford to spend some reasonable money, I will gladly donate to FBSDF. I am currently student and have a limited cashflow.
I would thank you for your donation of time then. You are a student but you will quickly learn (and I am assuming you already have) that time is the most precious of all commodities. The time you and all contributors spend is time I do not have to spend and therefore allows others like myself to contribute financially. Both are always needed. Again Thank you and thanks to everyone that puts their time into providing the rest of us wonderful software.

I ask a few people I know if they have ever given to FreeBSD or any other project and the first thing they ask me was if FreeBSD ever crowd sources for funds for any projects or if it just raises money on its site.
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Does anyone know if donations to the FreeBSD foundation are tax deductible in the U.K.? I'd like to donate through my limited company ideally, but not sure on the legitimacy..



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Does anyone know if donations to the FreeBSD foundation are tax deductible in the U.K.? I'd like to donate through my limited company ideally, but not sure on the legitimacy..
Not sure about the UK, but here in France, it's not as far as I know.


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I don't think the FreeBSD Foundation counts :(
Yeah, looking into this a bit further it looks as though they won't count, which is a pity. It seems that a US 501c3 entity may operate abroad (although I don't think the Foundation does), but, to benefit from any donations, the organisation must be recognized by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the UK.


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Thanks for the reminder. I forgot my yearly december $25 donation last year, so I guess I'll donate twice this year to compensate.

When I think about it, I've had at least one FreeBSD box running since FreeBSD8. For a free OS, that is so much more robust than my Win/Linux/MacOS machines, I should probably donate more money and more often.


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I'm a Spanish user of FreeBSD. I use Debian Linux, but I have not so much time using FreeBSD. I did a little donation of $30.82 in 2015 and a few days ago I repeated donation of $30.82.
I love FreeBSD. Good Job. Thanks you.


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I bought a FreeBSD Classic T-shirt from the FreeBSD Mall a couple years ago and am buying another this week. Some stickers for my laptops and maybe a baseball cap while I'm at it.

EDIT: And the sticker sheet was free with my T-shirt! Got the hat, too.
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There was going to be up to a three month wait on a back order for the Classic T-shirt I ordered so they offered to cut me a deal on a Power To Serve T-shirt at a lesser price and I donated the difference. They were very cordial and easy to work with.

They are 100% cotton Hanes Beefy-Tees and very nice shirts.