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Do you $support$ the FreeBSD Foundation?

Do you support the FreeBSD Foundation?

  • No

    Votes: 36 48.0%
  • Yes

    Votes: 39 52.0%

  • Total voters


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I do... I used to susbscribe to the Walnut Creek CD-ROM sets starting back in the FreeBSD 2.0 days, but by the time 5.0 came along, Internet bandwidth downunder enabled affordable (and faster) cvsup updates. When FreeBSD 6 came out in 2005 I looked around and found the FreeBSD Foundation (founded 2000) and have been donating my $US 50 each year.

See http://www.freebsdfoundation.org/

It's even a tax deduction for US residents <envy>.

So, do you support the FreeBSD Foundation? If not, why not?

I would have added an appropriate poll, but mere mortals here are not permitted to access such advanced features for the reasons explained thus:

For now we have agreed that we will not allow general users to add polls.


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If you guys want to add a poll to a specific thread, just go and ask one of our mods. If it looks sane to add one, we have no problem to add it.

As of the question -- I haven't donated to FreeBSD Foundation yet, however I personally contribute to the FreeBSD project ;) If I ever get to a possition to afford to spend some reasonable money, I will gladly donate to FBSDF. I am currently student and have a limited cashflow.


Son of Beastie

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I'm student as well, and without job + some loan
Unfortunately I can't afford to donate to FreeBSD foundation atm.

However I want to become developer when I feel, that I have enough C knowledge


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Unfortunately, I can't.
I make between $800 and $900 USD per month and that is used to cover all of my expenses.


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Not directly (the dollar/peso exchange ratio is 1 dollar == 3.74 pesos and with the _really_ low salaries we get over here, making a living is almost impossible .. let alone donating money ..), yet still, I manage to get my subscription to FreeBSD (freebsdmall.com) which, AFAIK, gives money back to the FBSD Foundation .. and if it doesn't, please let me know so I can cancell it and send the money straight to the Foundation.



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I have a FreeBSD Mall subscription (had it since 4.0 and Walnut Creek). The CDs can still be handy, as it's still faster toinstall than the average network connection.


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I've donated to this and Freshports in the past, but the economy and other life things have made it tough to do things like this now.



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Something between 2$ to 19$ per year, could be done by any person; provided he/she have a real desire to support FreeBSD economically. I have done in 2008. will continue in 2009 and in future too. If we could spread this idea of donating tiny amount to FreeBSD fund, it could do miracles!!!! For example : think of 1000 peoples in this globe, donating 3$ results 3000$ !!!

For those people who are tight in fund can find at least 3$ by sacrificing something in personal life (that is how i find amount 2 donate) and find the amount. What count is the Activity/Habit of Donating (and Spreading this habit IS VERY IMPORTANT. SO AM WRITING THIS), not the size of fund in a single donation.

When comparing the amount collected in this way with the amount donated by big corporates, it may seem silly. But think of : Once the habit of making tiny donations by individuals increases: say 10,000 individuals with 3$ = 30,000$ !!!

It is easy to say NO. A reason to justify the same will be invented by our brain [ the fastest computer with best OS ;) ].

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean.

So Donate TINY AMOUNT now!! & Spread the idea in BIG SCALE.

Become Strong Advocates of TINY DONATION vai chat, blog, forums, sms, phone, face2face talk, email, ... or what ever innovative medium you can find.

See Also


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being involved in Russian FreeBSD users group, namely http://www.bsdportal.ru, i've emphasized the subject and we've already donated money in this year. later there've been offers/suggestions to make donations every half of a year;)

we hope to continue the support!


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susanth, I agree with you!
and I've just donated $20


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My employer does donate money to project like OpenSSH, Ubunut and Debian. I'm going to ask them to add FreeBSD. Personally, I purchase stuff like T-Shirt and other stuff. So far I got stuff from Mozilla, Ubuntu, GNU project. But there are no T-shirts on http://www.freebsdfoundation.org/. Will just donate the money :)

Thanks for wonderful operating system. It pays all my bills :D


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Son of Beastie

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thetrojan01 said:
No $$$ but spread the world and telling desktop users to try fbsd.
he he he
Just uploaded my Wallpapers to one of Latvian torrent trackers
Hopefully someone will notice it :D


New Member

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I donate donated small amount this year and I want to do more in future.

P.S. For those lacking money there are lots of ways to contribute, money just happens to be one that takes the least amount of effort/time.



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mgp said:
susanth, I agree with you!
and I've just donated $20
Woow! Done a Good Job. Keep it up.
Your name should be listed in sponsors page.
--"If your name is missing, please contact us at donations at freebsdfoundation dot org."--

FreeBSD lists sponsors name even if we do tiny donations!

Listing the name is important; because it attracts others /
will help to build donation as a habit.


Keep Rocking.


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Yes, my name is listed on the sponsors page :)
that's kind of cool :)

vivek, this is not an official FreeBSD Foundation store ... it's a totally different organization but they support FreeBSD



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Hi FreeBSD Friends,

It will be nice to support FreeBSD 2009 Fund

Just Few more Days to 2010.



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they've risen only half of the $300k goal...that's kind of sad
I will donate today!
will you ?


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I donate $10 a month, I just don't eat at the fast food places that often anymore!



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When I first got involved I never imagined that it would be as successful as it is!

I met Jordan in 91-92 in a computer store in Concord, CA. (WC-CDROM was in it's infancy), We spent the better part of the day gabbing, He got me started with 386BSD and some patches!

I've supported FreeBSD every since in one way shape form or another!

I was a WC-CDROM FreeBSD subscriber from the very very beginning, Before 1.0 thru 5.something.

I thank him frequently! :)
As I set back enjoying the reaping's of that life changing experience!

I wanted to catch the M$lop wave so I defected for a period of time... I'mmmm baaaack!

fh : )_~