Do not post METIN / METIN2 topics on these forums!

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Copied the sticky to the General forum for slightly higher visibility.

METIN-2 / METIN2 and other illegal software - don't ask for assistance on these forums. Threads will be closed, posters will be banned.

  1. Factfinding: The server files are indeed leaked, so we're basically talking about an illegal copy of licensed software. The fact that there are hundreds of other servers out there is not particularly relevant here. You are here, asking this question. So I have to deal with you and your question. I can't take the whole world of illegal Metin2 installations and how unfair it is that you are singled out into account.
  2. Precedent: Anyone doing a search on either this forum, or on Google, will immediately see a search result with the title: "Sticky: METIN-2 / METIN2 and other illegal software- don't ask for assistance on these forums." There are no two ways about it: we don't want Metin(2) topics on this forum, other topics dealing with Metin(2) have all been closed, and it's standing policy. Anyone opening a topic that is, or turns out to be, about Metin(2) can know this.
  3. Legal entity: I have to take into account that "FreeBSD" is a legal entity. Anyone running illegal/leaked software or applications or services of, let's say, 'dubious origin' can hide behind all types of redirects, firewalls, DNS tricks, etcetera. FreeBSD, the Forums, the Foundation, the people running and modding these forums, cannot. We cannot run the risk of having a public forum containing tips and tricks to run obviously illegal software. It's a liability we cannot accept.
  4. Technical: Straight and simple: FreeBSD 7.2 is End-Of-Life, and has been since June 30, 2010. The logical and proper reply to any technical issue dealing with FreeBSD 7.2 is: "Upgrade to a more recent version of FreeBSD first". Since this is obviously not possible because Metin2 relies on FreeBSD 7.2 libraries, binaries, etcetera, we would be forced to go against FreeBSD's own policy, which is: upgrade when your current FreeBSD version reaches end-of-life, because we will not support it any longer, not even for security fixes. Dedicating forum space to technical advice concerning an outdated version of FreeBSD is not in the interest of FreeBSD's development and its users at large.



I have a Raspberry Pi 2 and when I start my game server fails with an "exec format error"

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