dns/unbound using poudriere error

For some days I have an error building dns/unbound with ports-mgmt/poudriere-devel. (Also a bunch of other packages are not built due to dns/unbound failed dependency.)

Tail of the log:
=======================<phase: build-depends  >============================
===>   unbound-1.6.1 depends on executable: swig - not found
===>   Installing existing package /packages/All/swig30-3.0.12.txz
[stable10i386-default-job-01] Installing swig30-3.0.12...
[stable10i386-default-job-01] `-- Installing lua53-5.3.4...
[stable10i386-default-job-01] |   `-- Installing libedit-3.1.20150325_2,1...
[stable10i386-default-job-01] |   `-- Extracting libedit-3.1.20150325_2,1: .......... done
[stable10i386-default-job-01] `-- Extracting lua53-5.3.4: ......... done
[stable10i386-default-job-01] `-- Installing pcre-8.40...
[stable10i386-default-job-01] `-- Extracting pcre-8.40: .......... done
[stable10i386-default-job-01] Extracting swig30-3.0.12: .......... done
===>   unbound-1.6.1 depends on executable: swig - not found
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/ports/dns/unbound

I have no idea why is that and when building with simple ports-mgmt/portupgrade (on a host machine) it has no error.
Looks like a dependency problem with unbound. It's looking for swig when it should be looking for swig3.0. If you turn off Python support on unbound it won't depend on swig any more.
Turn off Python support if you don't need it (the default is off).