Disk Imaging Software

I would like to use a GUI to write disk image files to devices from a FreeBSD GTK+ graphical environment.
Does any such tool exist? Is this just so simple no one needs a gui for the task? I was thinking about a graphical dd burning software more or less.
I was thinking along the lines of this OSX dd tool. Maybe add combo boxes and a progress bar.

Being a Windows zombie I use Roadkils DiskImage program frequently with my pfSense images..
I also really like the looks of AIR 2.0.0 but it appears to be Linux only.

These are just the little things that make life easier. Remembering long filenames or paths can be tough for an old man. Sure I can use dd in an almost robotic sense. Forgive me for liking creature comforts.
You use some kind of directory browser? Have you tried to drag some random file into, say, the null device?
A nice fileman might already do the expected thing.