Disk error after upgrade 10.0 -> 10.3

Please help, after second (after reboot) freebsd-update install I got this error (in attachment) and can't do anything :(


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Sorry to say that, but this looks really b0rked. What happens if you just press enter? Does it give you the same error (can't exec /bin/sh) again? Do you have any other shells installed you could try?
Does using /rescue/sh or /rescue/csh work?
"No such file or directory"

Now Im trying to make new VM with fresh FreeBSD, but I haven't last backups... When I try to make fsck - It cheks it, writes that there is lot of files but I think system can not figure out that this is UFS file system.

What I can try else?
1. Try /bin/csh, per Zirias's suggestion, assuming you have csh.
2. Put the disk in another FreeBSD system and run fsck against all the partitions it has.

Good luck.
dont want to waste my and your time, because I maked new VM and restored most of data and services.
BUT - fsck from live cd not helped, this is first thing I tryed.