Disaster Recovery



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Old joke: It's not a backup until you have actually read it.
For a month, I was backing up an empty folder (password manager DB-files), which was corrupted after a power failure. I found the last copy of the original file in the bin/trash/recycle folder of the online storage provider.


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I've been putting thought into personal backups the past six months. I'm not in love with my current situation but it does provide me confidence and feels good enough. Planning to put this into long-form within a blog post someday.
So then, what to do next?
I have a cloud machine, but the access key to that will be gone. I could access it from the panel, but the password to the panel will be gone. I can reset that password, but that needs the originally configured mail address, and that mail server will be gone, or also unaccessible.
I have a friend eight hours by car (three and a half by Cessna 172m) that allows me to store a computer in their garage (great guy, I buy him plenty of beer when I'm in town to make up for the power it sips). GELI, RAID10, ZFS on it. In the event I lose all keys all I need is a little time and knowledge of the GELI password to get up and running. If the Pacific Northwest finds a meteor I'll still be out of luck, though...