Solved Disable dedicated graphics card in muxless

Hello everyone!

I want to install FreeBSD on my laptop. There is one problem: muxless hybrid graphics (Intel HD4000 and Radeon HD7670M).

As I know FreeBSD can't manage hybrid graphics yet. This is muxless, so I can't disable dedicated card in BIOS. In Linux there is vgaswitcheroo and I can disable radeon by command:
echo OFF > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch

But how I can do this on FreeBSD? I can run XOrg by setting the Intel Video Driver in config file, but Radeon still working in background which causes my computer to overheat.

Is there any solution to disable Radeon? Maybe ACPI call or something else? Thank you in advance for answer.
There is sysutils/acpi_call in ports, and I use this script:
You could try it and see if it works.
This solution works for my Asus U35Jc, but it has a nVidia card (that Optimus thing) not a Radeon. YMMV.
This can be solution. I'll try and I'll write on forum if it working. Thank you.

Edit: It seems it's working. Script chooses call and computer is cold (temperature same as is on Windows and Linux). Thank You very much for it. Problem solved.
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