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I am a long term Linux user. In Linux world, we have many distributions in which, although, different distros use different package managers, desktops, applications etc, however, the underlying kernel is same (released by Linus Torvalds). So, my question is:
Does in BSD world, the scenario same? i.e. Different BSDs use same kernel but different applications? Or every BSD kernel is different and specific to itself only?


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That was a good article. Learned a bit more about the history of FreeBSD. Though I think the author was being a little too objective when talking about the benefits of FreeBSD.

I think there's a pronounced difference in the way FreeBSD does business compared to the chaos of GNU/Linux. FreeBSD is more homogeneous and better organized. It becomes evident as a user when you get into the nuts and bolts. It's the main reason I like it better. I also like that it stays true to Unix and tries not to astonish the user with changes. I can trust the OS not to become something wildly different between major releases.

Though FreeBSD is not the end all of operating systems. It can suffer from lack of hardware support and availability of native specialty software. That's something I hope and expect to improve over time.