Delay in FreeBSD 14.0 release schedule .
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Delay in 14.0-RELEASE cycle and blocking items​

From: Glen Barber <> Date: Mon, 01 May 2023 18:14:49 UTC According to the 14.0-RELEASE schedule, the code slush in main and the freeze to the KBI for 14.0 was scheduled for April 25, 2023. As some of you may have noticed, that did not happen. First, and most importantly for 14.0, is the status of the OpenSSL update to version 3. This in itself is reason to delay the schedule until some tangible progress has been made. Yes, some have expressed interest in helping in this area, however at this moment, this is the key blocker. Second is the status of the branch and how it pertains to the recent upstream merge from OpenZFS. Although block_cloning is disabled by default, there have been other regressions discovered (and fixed), but as a whole, I do not feel that we have a solid understanding of the regressions about which we do not know. There is no feasible way we are going to make the branch point of stable/14 in time, with that scheduled for May 12, 2023 with the above points. That said, this is not an all-inclusive list, but the more major items on our radar at the moment. A more up-to-date schedule for the 14.0 release will be published in the near future, though nothing is yet set in stone. Thank you for your patience, and for any help in getting us through these outstanding items. Glen On behalf of: re@
I think they (core) decided to axe MIPS.
I have not seen any mips questions here in quite a while.
We were conditioned for a possible axe for 32 bit Intel on 14 so quite a relief.
armv7 seems to be kept around too.

Sorry balanga but dockstar is out of there. armv5 is to be removed I believe.
Does these delays happen often? When was the last time this occured?
a) no and b) definitely before I started watching FreeBSD (if at all).

All this stuff about architecture support in this thread is irrelevant. The only "real" reason for the delay is the need to upgrade OpenSSL to some 3.x version, because expected EOL of 1.1.1 will be before expected EOL of FreeBSD-14.

Add the bad API design of OpenSSL to the picture (breaking changes all over the place) and you know how this is a problem that just takes some time.
Also this delay did convince me not to move my ZFS data from 12 up to 13 just yet.
There are no "fatal flaws" known regarding ZFS in 13. And the issues in 14 were at least mitigated, but as there was an issue that could cause data corruption, there's some "bad feeling" left.

Still, the only hard reason for delay is OpenSSL.
BTW, if you never used OpenSSL yourself, maybe you'd be interested in my recent rant on twitter:


Yes, I know it's not perfectly on-topic here. But maybe it helps to understand why OpenSSL can be such an issue. Frankly, I wished there was a sane TLS lib with a sane API (I heard LibreSSL's "libtls" tries to do just that) that could replace OpenSSL as the "de-facto standard" for all things that "just" need TLS.
You should just update your 13 systems to 13.2; I'd make a guess there'll even be a 13.3 before 14.0 comes.

Not use in risking anything. :)
If you stay with 13.2 you'll stay with OpenSSL 1.1.1 (in base) which is EOL 11th September 2023. Probably still less risky (in terms of stability) than a jump to 14.0.

I've got 13.2 on all servers (no desktops) and it's been fine so far.