default keyboard map X issues


I have installed xorg on 13.2 and have just found out that Ctrl +alt +F2 will get me a fresh tty as expected.
Log in with user, execute startx exit terminal and hit Ctrl + alt +F1 will get me back to original login.

Ctrl +alt +F2 back to tty execute startx again. Ctrl +alt +F1 = shutdown.

infact once X is up and running All ctrl + alt + func = shutdown.

made a cursory examination of xorg.conf.d implementd 00-keyboard.conf (never had an issue with default keyboard before)
tried with multiple keyboards same result.

not resolved.

any pointers in the right direction gratefully received.
Do you use setxkbmap in your login scripts?
Check the configuration at each login with setxkbmap -print.
Something in /usr/local/etc/X11/Xsession.d/?

USING WITH xkbcomp
If you have an Xserver and a client shell running on different comput-
ers and some XKB configuration files on those machines are different,
you can get problems specifying a keyboard map by model, layout, and
options names. This is because setxkbmap converts its arguments to
names of XKB configuration files according to files that are on the
client-side computer, then sends these file names to the server where
xkbcomp has to compose a complete keyboard map using files which the
server has. Thus if the sets of files differ in some way, the names
that setxkbmap generates can be unacceptable on the server side. You
can solve this problem by running the xkbcomp on the client side too.
With the -print option setxkbmap just prints the file names in an ap-
propriate format to its stdout and this output can be piped directly to
the xkbcomp input...