Dash-To-Dock Installation


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Can anyone help me with how to install Dash-To-Dock on Gnome3? I go to the gnome shell extensions site and try to install it says it is going to but never does. This is the same way I did it on openSUSE and everything went as expected. Am I doing something wrong or does this extension just not work on FreeBSD? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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The GNOME project does not care about FreeBSD. The GNOME project does not care about extensions, for that matter. So you won't be able to install any extensions through your browser, because doing so only works on Linux and the GNOME folks never liked allowing it to be done in the first place. Your best bet, if you can't install them from the package repo, is to download the *.zip files and install them manually.


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How about trying Dash-to-Panel instead? There is no FreeBSD package/port yet; however, it takes less than 5 minutes to install it. Here goes how I did it.

You need to install gmake and gsed packages unless you have them already.

# pkg install gmake
# pkg install gsed

Under your home directory, get the source of Dash-to-Panel.

$ git clone https://github.com/jderose9/dash-to-panel.git
$ cd dash-to-panel

Now you need to edit the last line of the Makefile - replace sed by gsed. You're ready to install it.

$ gmake install

<ALT><F2> r <RETURN> to restart your gnome shell, and you can turn on Dash-to-Panel in the gnome-tweak-tool.

I highly recommend Dash-to-Panel over Dash-to-Dock :)