CWM CWM no fixed geometry on Keepass

In x11-wm/cwm it is possible to toggle / fix the geometry of a window with CMS-f. All my programs do according, only security/keepass refuses to do and displays a window size partially out of screen and a size I never used.

Does anyone know what causes this and how to solve?

As far as I can tell, to fix the geometry of a window cwm sets the _CWM_WM_STATE_FREEZE atom. This prevents cwm from modifying the window position and size, but if the program itself has a way to move/resize its window the user can still do it.

I just tested this with graphics/gcolor3; if you click-and-drag from the upper bar it's still movable, and the corners let you resize the window even if you "freeze" it.

With a Virtualbox VM instead I wasn't even able to set the atom (such windows are automatically resized to match the desired guest resolution).

It would be better if you look for some setting of keepass. Maybe something to remember the last geometry used.

Besides that, if the other programs that you use always open with the same geometry, they surely keep track of their previous geometry since _CWM_WM_STATE_FREEZE is reset when you close them.