Current status of dtrace?

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does anyone know where to get information about the current status of dtrace on FreeBSD? I'm especially interested in sdt/userland fbt. Maybe we could create a wiki page about it.

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Maledictus said:
Ok, thanks. Is jb@ working on adding more providers?

I guess jb@ might have some stuff in the queue but he's busy so he has not commited it yet. also, with the 7.1R fiasco (dtrace MFC 2 days before code freeze) I guess he's a bit hesitant to commit some more things :)

I wonder why dtrace is not on default in -current though
rdivacky@ said:
I wonder why dtrace is not on default in -current though

Maybe because (k)gdb doesnt understand it yet? I.e. with a dtrace-enabled kernel backtraces always look like there are no debug symbols even when there are...
Some of these issues are being actively worked on in HEAD; in particular, there is a problem in which CTF generation appears not to be compatible with statically compiled binaries. I think there's room for other people who have time and interest to get involved here -- I've recently been looking at the set of kernel data providers and adding new SDT() probes is really quite straight forward. There's a wiki page on adding SDT() probes here:

It's worth checking Solaris or Mac OS X first to see if they have a set of probes similar to the ones you're adding so that we can make them as well-aligned as possible. That way tools, such as the DTrace toolkit, are as likely as possible to work across platforms as well. One issue I ran into yesterday is that our SYSINIT()-based SDT probe declaration doesn't permit '-' characters to be used in probe names, which was an issue for the callout probes I added:
Any idea in which release it will be officially released as stable?

I tried it today, while running a heavy loading octave script and I received a kernel panic, while using 'hotkernel'.