Solved Cron-portsnap - do I need to do a daily "update" ?

I am using portsnap inside cron with the cron feature. And normally my breakfast routine is to call portsnap update. It just came to my mind, when I missed to run one day an update ? How is portsnap working ? Is it collecting all new information in one directory and only portsnap update will make it on the right places ?
How is that when you have two days in a row e.g. openssl update via portsnap fetch. Will the second overnight the first update ?
Updates are "cumulative". So it doesn't matter if you do portsnap fetch (or portsnap cron) 7 days in a row and once portsnap update or just once a week portsnap fetch followed by portsnap update. It's smart enough to figure this out ;)
Excellent - I was somehow expecting it, but have not found any information about it in the man pages or elsewhere. Next step would have been to read the source ... now I am happy that I don't have to dig into it !:beer::beer::beer::)
Yes, as I understood how things are working portsnap(8) fetches "chunks" of changes, it knows which ones it already has and downloads the "missing" ones. A portsnap update simply processes each of those "chunks" in order.
Yeah, I hope that is the way. Inside the man portsnap(8) there is portversion(1) mentioned. But I can't find that piece of software ...
Maybe I need to write a short email to the author , to see if he want to include some details on the used strategy.
Thanks again !