Credit where credit's due...

Just been reading the latest edition of a UK Linux magazine called Linux Voice (March 2016 edition). In an article called 'The Linux Voice Manifesto - what's right, what's wrong and how we can change free software for the better' where the author talks about the disparity between different Linux distributions and the problems that causes, the FreeBSD documentation is held up as the ideal target for FOSS projects.

Here are the relevant quotes from the article:

"Because Linux is put together in a "Wild West" fashion, with lots of groups (kernel, Glibc, GCC, X Org) doing their own thing and distro vendors shoehorning the results together, it's hard to put together a complete and integrated set of documentation that covers every aspect of the operating system. Compare this to FreeBSD for instance, which has a superb Handbook ( providing a reference to all aspects of the OS in a single location."


"FreeBSD's Handbook is an excellent, well organised and single-stop-shop for documentation - something that many Linux distros would be wise to copy".

So, kudos to the doc team! :)
Yeah they have some pretty comprehensive docs, I've been landing on their wiki quite a lot and many of their docs are useful outside of Arch and even Linux.

Their forum is quite lively too. Every once in a while, it's nice to put a FreeBSD mention on there :)