CR3 not opening in Darktable with libraw and exiv2

According to the exiv2 project, CR3 and BMFF files has been supported since 2021. In the install instructions for Darktable, it is mentioned, that BMFF has to be enabled, when installing exiv2. However, I do not see any compile option with this name. Current version in pkg and ports is 0.27.5. Latest version on exiv2s website is 0.27.6. However, BMFF is listed as supported in ealier versions since 2021. Does anyone have a hint to a possible solution?
CR3 is the raw file format in newer Canon cameras. Darktable is a graphics application, that depends on libraw and exiv2 for reading CR3 and raw format files.
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What does exiv2 --version --verbose | grep bmff enable_bmff=1 output?

Edit: Funny, that command line is from their website and is wrong. Anyway, looking at the exiv2 package: enable_bmff=0. So it's not enabled. Not much to disable or enable on this port either. Short answer, it's not enabled by default and can't be enabled either. You could ask the maintainer if they're willing to add it as an option.
That command gives me a segmentation fault, but if I output to a file, the result includes enable_bmff=0 as you mentioned too. I wrote to the maintainer yesterday and proveded a link to this thread.


Hi! I'm currently looking into updating Darktable to 4.2 (stealing work from Mathias Andree in graphics/darktable42), thanks for the reminder, micski!

There are other problems to solve, in particular, Darktable fails to compile with LLVM 14 and 15. I found one solution and currently test it in Poudriere.