Solved Convert ezjail to use ZFS with running jails

OK, so I've made an mistake with rushing into setting up Jails and haven't configured ezjail before I started creating jails so it by default created all of the jails within /usr/jails directory which is part of zroot ZFS pool, not its own pool.

To be more specific I'm talking about the following options:

# grep -iE "ezjail.*zfs" /usr/local/etc/ezjail.conf | head -3

I was planning on moving whole jails folder aside, creating zpool and pools for each jail I have within it and then moving data back in. Would that be the correct procedure?
Since this is all new anyway I'd just remove them and recreate them at the correct spot.
Well, I can't do just that as there are already some sites running within those jails. I mean nothing crucial for few minutes of downtime but I would prefer not to have them built from scratch.
You can also rebuild them at the new (correct) spot while leaving the old ones running. Then transfer the data and switch over when you're done. That will give you the least amount of downtime.