Nice forum.

I especially liked the registration procedure - quick and simple.

One thing I found missing on was that there were no fbsd developers (AFAIK) there.
So, some of the discussions/problems/feature requests/feedback probably never made it to the mailing lists.
Since a ML is not everyone's thing and a forum is more informal/accessible.

Good work guys. :beer
Great to have an official forum! +1

I'm personally more comfortable with forums over mailing lists - just easier to browse and I have enough trouble keeping on top of mail as it is. I'm sure the lists will continue to serve a vital need though.

More importantly, I suspect that the presence of a thriving (and friendly!) forum could do a lot to attract potential users who are checking out FreeBSD. It should help create a sense that there is a real live community out there, which in turn makes FreeBSD feel more approachable for the inquisitive/nervous. (This is of course predicated on the assumption that we welcome new users... ;))

Thank You guys! I really do look forward to this new forum. I hope it wont be too much to mod and will be a permanent resource for all that is FreeBSD.

Yes, very nice!

I felt that there are a few bsd related forums, but for some reasons they never wanted to join forces. Hope this gets huge, for the collective good.

I'm shocked, I didn't think this would ever happen.

What can I say, I've been waiting for this!

Thank you!