Other Configure a nice bar for sway-wayland, i.e. waybar,swaybar or sfwbar or ...

I have problems in configuring a nice bar for wayland.
1.swaybar. This very basic maybe too basic ?
2.waybar. For some weird raisons starting waybar shows only an empty space and lots of errors and warnings. It looks like the code was made for linux.
3.sfwbar. I managed to have sfwbar vertical, which is nice, but still it's size is much too wide.

If someone can provide a nice config/css for a bar , or guide , it would be nice.
You can add useful information to default swaybar to make it less basic.

I've been using waybar and swaybar.
With swaybar I use i3status with it:

#    status_command while date +'%Y-%m-%d %l:%M:%S %p'; do sleep 1; done
    status_command i3status

Copy the default i3status to ~/.config/i3status/config and you can play around with options. Personally I just have it show my wireless is connected, battery info and date+time. i3status works and looks just the same as when you use it with i3 on X11.

My i3status config:
# i3status configuration file.
# see "man i3status" for documentation.

# It is important that this file is edited as UTF-8.
# The following line should contain a sharp s:
# ß
# If the above line is not correctly displayed, fix your editor first!

general {
        colors = true
        interval = 5

#order += "ipv6"
order += "wireless _first_"
#order += "ethernet _first_"
order += "battery all"
#order += "disk /"
#order += "load"
#order += "memory"
order += "tztime local"

wireless _first_ {
        format_up = "(%quality %essid )"
        format_down = "W: down"

ethernet _first_ {
        format_up = "E: %ip (%speed)"
        format_down = "E: down"

battery all {
        format = "%status %percentage %remaining"

disk "/" {
        format = "%avail"

load {
        format = "%1min"

memory {
        format = "%used | %available"
        threshold_degraded = "1G"
        format_degraded = "MEMORY < %available"

tztime local {
        format = "%d-%m-%Y  %H:%M"