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Other Concurrent WM Sessions


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I run fvwm on one workstation and bspwm on another. I would like to configure bspwm on the workstation running fvwm. I'm looking to avoid having to exit X and start a new session under bspwm just to verify configuration changes. How would I go about having a window of a bspwm session inside my main window manager session on the same machine? Could I use jails for this sort of application?


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You can try with Xnest(1). That will allow you to run an X session inside your own X session.



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Yes, something like
$ Xnest :2
$ DISPLAY=:2 bspwm
Some others are Xephyr (I find more robust than Xnest) or you can use Xvnc and connect using a vncviewer. I find the VNC solution easier in a Jail if you wanted to go that route.